This sculpture is used to provide shade over a small south-facing terrace. By positioning the sculpture at some distance from the wall and at a relatively low height, we were able to ensure a maximum amount of shade on the terrace. At the top, we inserted an eye-loop opening to maintain the natural feeling of sitting outside. Rain runs downwards along two lower membrane tips into the garden.

This big membrane sculpture covers a north-facing terrace with a span of almost 13 meters. We positioned the sculpture high above the terrace for a beautiful open view into the garden. By positioning it at some distance from the wall, we left an open view to the sky and allowed some evening sunbeams from the west.

For this sculpture we were able to work with the existing built structure around the terrace. The sculpture was fit into a rectangular architectural grid, but peaks out at several points. We designed the sculpture to protect the terrace from rain, so it can be used as an outdoor room.

Covering a terrace and a glass fa├žade, this large membrane offers protection from summer heat on the terrace and low rays of sun from the west into the house. The sculpture peaks abundantly and swings around the corner, emphasising the most beautiful views into the garden.

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