PTFE yarn

water repellent

stainless steel

Our membranes are doubly stitched using PTFE yarn (the Teflon material). This yarn is very strong and won't wear out.

The textile we use is water repellent, highly UV-resistant, UV-filtering, and 100% recyclable. We work with sound suppliers, and select high quality products:

Compared to other commonly used textiles, Polyolefine is the most ecological material.

PTFE is used for special projects, where a membrane's lifetime is important. These membranes will retain their bright white colour.

Every structural element we use consists of stainless steel. The shackles are easy to handle, to keep the installation procedure quick and simple. The poles can be removed and installed without any screws or bolts. The structure can be stored during winter.

Textile exposed to the elements inevitably wears out. Depending on its exposure, the membrane will need to be replaced after a few years. We can stitch a new membrane with the same patterns, while the steel structure and the cables can be easily and entirely reused.